tokusatsu gagaga - 01v2 (nhk-g 1440x810 x264[10-b] aac 30fps) [39f9565a]_001_17536

Well this is two firsts for Big Nova: The first show we’ve done that’s less than 20 years old, and our first weekly project!

This is a tokusatsu-adjacent J-Drama in the ilk of After V, Kamen Teacher, and Blue Blazes. Much like the latter two, it’s adapted from a manga and like all of them, it airs at a late-night timeslot. The show is absolutely enjoyable by non-toku fans, but if you are one, then it gets a whole lot better.

We’re doing this as a collaboration with Lovegen Subs, known for their tokusatsu-adjacent dramas like Sh15uya.

We’re shooting to release these episodes the Monday after they air, so check back next week for the next episode!

A couple of TL notes before we go:

  • Jushowan’s full title is 獅風怒闘ジュウショウワン (Shippū Dotō Juushouwan). The “Shippū Dotō” is a really obtuse pun on 疾風怒濤, the Japanese name for the German term “Sturm und drang” (“Storm and Stress” or “Storm and Drive”). Since it incorporates a kanji for “lion” in the pun, we’re going with “Bestial Storm”.
  • The character called “Ninkyō-san” will be called “Mr. Yakuza”. “Ninkyō” is a nice way to refer to the yakuza, sort of a way of saying it without saying it. The shop he runs is implied to be a front for the yakuza too. The scanlations of the manga that are out there used this too.
  • “Charahiko” is a play on “Charao”, sort of a name for a frat-kid. But the “o” (man) is replaced with “hiko” (boy). He’s a very minor character in the comic, so we’re just ignoring it.

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