Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episodes 10-17

To compensate for the dearth of content from the group, I’m releasing the next 8 episodes all at once. Episodes 10-12 complete the first part of the Flower-Blooming Song arc. These episodes are great, with armored magnet-samurai, badly-dubbed French, and a soccer ball with a knife. I think the best part about that is that […]

Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episode 9 And Movie

I’m noticing that when this show needs a name for anything, it just takes a pair of Roman letters and add a word to it, e.g. BN Subs. Back on with Kyodyne, and the show’s first standalone episode. This is the first episode that I’d really call filler. The flower-blooming song isn’t mentioned at all […]

Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episodes 7 and 8

Hey, it’s not Big Nova Subs without a 3-month gap in releases! Back behind the wheel after a hiatus for school! Episodes 7 and 8 are a two-parter nearing the climax of the Flower-Blooming Song arc! Honestly, there isn’t too much to say! Download the episodes over at the Releases Page! Also I got sent […]

APRIL FOOLS: Kagaku Boukentai Tansor 5 Episode 1

April Fools! Yeah, I know some of you are eagerly awaiting Kyodyne, but college is hell. Anyway, what the hell IS Tansor 5? Beats me. The show came in the wake of those weird anime-tokusatsu fusions that Tsuburaya did in the late 70’s, like Born Free, Izenborg, and Azteckaiser. Tsuburaya apparently didn’t have anything to […]

Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episodes 4-6

This show has a gatling gun robot smoking six cigarettes at once. Need I say more to convince you that this show is insane? Episodes 4-6 are the next villain arc in this show, with two robots: Dykirai and Gatlingar. Dykirai’s name is a Japanese pun. He’s themed after a naval mine. “Big Naval Mine” […]

Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episodes 1-3

The wait is over! 2018 is here, and with it is our main project for the year: Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne! Back in 2016, I released episode 38 of this series as a Christmas episode. I didn’t do the series immediately after because I was already set to work on Changerion. However, this show has complete […]

Choukou Senshi Changerion 01-39 Full Series Batch

Continuing with the tradition of waiting 2 months to release a batch torrent when it could have been done earlier, is the V1 batch for Changerion! There’s nothing new here, just the original releases all put in one place. If you haven’t gotten it yet, download it at the Releases Page! Speaking of downloads, though: […]