HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Kyoryu Sentai Koseidon Episode 38


Happy Halloween!

I wanted to do some sort of holiday release, and why not an episode that has Frankenstein’s monster in it?

There’s a chance you may have heard of this show for the sole reason that it contains the words “kyoryu sentai” in its title. This show came out in 1978, a full 14 years before Zyuranger! If I had to come up with a premise for the show, it would be “What if the Science Patrol from Ultraman had a time machine?” Sadly, if you’re looking for a well-thought-out time travel story, turn back here. This show’s approach to the Butterfly Effect is “What’s a butterfly effect?” Turns out, staging huge alien battles in the Cretaceous Period does nothing to the present day. If you can get past that, then this show is awesome! Nothing else combines dinosaurs, robots, spaceships, and superheroes together like this. Interestingly enough, this is the one show in Tsuburaya’s Dinosaur Trilogy that isn’t half-animated. Also, the Koseidon ship prop in this show was repurposed as the Time Tansor in Tansor 5!

Speaking of anime and Tansor 5, huge props to GANGO for helping me with the translation on this episode! I’m glad to be working with them again on another special collab. On their end, we worked on Mashin Hero Wataru Episode 8: The Vampire Is A Crucifix Collector.

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Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episodes 18-21

Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain - 21 [F8BE0984]_001_14365

Since it’s October, I see no reason not to release the next 4 episodes of Kyodyne! Since it’s spooky-time, it’s fitting that these episodes have werewolves, killer plants, a vampire mummy, and… crocodiles. I do have plans to release something special for Halloween, however!

Episodes 18 and 19 are a two-parter connected only in that they share a monster. It’s quite cool too! They mark the first time in this show that Miki Wakabayashi has directing duties. They don’t have a Japanese Wikipedia page, so I can’t get a full list of works beyond 11 episodes of this show, a baker’s dozen episodes of Daitetsujin 17, two episodes of Message From Space Galactic Wars, and 3 episodes of The Gorilla Seven.

Episodes 20 and 21, as mentioned in the 20’s trivia, appear to function as advertisements for tourism in Miyagi Prefecture, with episode 20 being more overt about it. Episode 21 serves as a bridge point between the first and second half of the show, before the villain switch-up. This episode concludes the Doctor Kaido arc of the show, and the secret of “Mandarin” is left ambiguous.

Next time, the show shifts gears with a new villain and a new scope!

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Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episodes 10-17


To compensate for the dearth of content from the group, I’m releasing the next 8 episodes all at once.

Episodes 10-12 complete the first part of the Flower-Blooming Song arc. These episodes are great, with armored magnet-samurai, badly-dubbed French, and a soccer ball with a knife.


I think the best part about that is that it isn’t the craziest thing in this show.

Episodes 13-14 are fairly standalone, but super-enjoyable. Despite it being a Toei toku series from the 70’s, these episodes are the only ones featuring voice acting by Ritsuo Sawa, everyone’s favorite robot medusa-head from Bycrosser. If this clip doesn’t convince you to watch, then nothing will:

A bit dark for a show made for pre-schoolers, but it WAS the 70’s. And again, it’s not the craziest thing in this show.

Episodes 15-17 introduce a lasting change for the show: Skyzel and Grounzel taking on human form. This change is not really one made out of necessity, but more of an Akumaizer 3-style “Make them human so we can pay the suit actors less” change. It allows for a cool transformation sequence, but it’s just not the same. Also keep an eye out in episode 17 for Gozo Soma, who played Akemi’s father in Bycrosser!

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Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episode 9 And Movie


I’m noticing that when this show needs a name for anything, it just takes a pair of Roman letters and add a word to it, e.g. BN Subs.

Back on with Kyodyne, and the show’s first standalone episode. This is the first episode that I’d really call filler. The flower-blooming song isn’t mentioned at all in the episode itself! It’s a fine enough story though, just a bit generic.

In order to compensate for just releasing one episode this time, I’ve included the Kyodyne movie! Don’t get too excited though, as this is a “blown-up” version of Episode 3. It was shown at the 1976 Toei Cartoon Festival alongside the Goranger and Kagestar movies. The cut content from the episode consists of everything from before the title card, and one section of the final battle with Tankuda. If you’re watching the show, the movie isn’t at all necessary. But if you just want a sampler of what Kyodyne is, I’d say to go for it!


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Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episodes 7 and 8


Hey, it’s not Big Nova Subs without a 3-month gap in releases!

Back behind the wheel after a hiatus for school! Episodes 7 and 8 are a two-parter nearing the climax of the Flower-Blooming Song arc! Honestly, there isn’t too much to say! Download the episodes over at the Releases Page!

Also I got sent this on Discord: It’s a pamphlet used by Toei in the 70’s and 80’s to sell their shows overseas!


APRIL FOOLS: Kagaku Boukentai Tansor 5 Episode 1


April Fools!

Yeah, I know some of you are eagerly awaiting Kyodyne, but college is hell. Anyway, what the hell IS Tansor 5?

Beats me. The show came in the wake of those weird anime-tokusatsu fusions that Tsuburaya did in the late 70’s, like Born Free, Izenborg, and Azteckaiser. Tsuburaya apparently didn’t have anything to do with this. The closest thing is that the live-action effects were directed by Kazuo Sagawa, who started with the effects for Mighty Jack, and leaving after Ultraman Cosmos.¬†The anime parts were done by Sunrise, beginning only a few months after their soon-to-be hit Gundam.

This release marks our first joint project! Translation for this episode was done by the fantastic¬†Good Anime Never Gets Old. They’re doing great work on Bonobono, Sei Juushi Bismarck, and Gutsy Frog, among others. I pitched it to them because it’s a fusion of what we both love: old anime and old tokusatsu!

Also thanks to GuSTaVauM for procuring the episode’s raw for me! He’s getting Kyodyne ripped from the DVD9s, so I’m very grateful!

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Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodyne Episodes 4-6


This show has a gatling gun robot smoking six cigarettes at once. Need I say more to convince you that this show is insane?

Episodes 4-6 are the next villain arc in this show, with two robots: Dykirai and Gatlingar. Dykirai’s name is a Japanese pun. He’s themed after a naval mine. “Big Naval Mine” and “I hate you” have the same pronunciation in Japanese: “daikirai“. Gatlingar’s theme is a gatling gun, no surprise there.

Sadly, episode 6 marks the end of the gigantic vehicle fights. They still use the giant vehicle modes, however!

But these episodes are great fun, and start to really kick the plot into gear.

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