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I think we’ll just ditch the strict release schedule and say “The episodes will be out before the next one airs”.

But yes, more GaGaGa! This episode adapts one chapter from volume 8 of the comic, but then it jumps back to adapt the fast food chapter from way back in volume 1, leading to one of the most heartwarming episode endings yet. Judging by the episode preview, that’s going to be standard; adapting even further ahead, but also heading back to volume 2. There’s only 2 episodes left, and we’re all excited to see what happens.



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Sorry about the delay again, was too busy over the weekend to work in a timely manner. Anyway, episode 4!

I haven’t read far enough into the comic to know exactly which chapters this episode adapts, but I know they’re mostly in volume 3. It’s a good episode, though! Some notes before we go:

  • The Bee Boys call their fans Honeys, y’know, because they’re bees.
  • The TV show the Bee Boys go on is a parody of an actual comedy show, called You wa nanashini Nihon e, where the hosts ask random foreigners why they came to Japan. The parody version says “OMYA”, which is the Nagoya dialect’s version of the word for “you”.
  • A definition pops up on screen for “イベ”, which is an abbreviation for “event”. For a lack of this same abbreviation in English, we’re using the word “gig”.
  • The logo that appears when Nakamura makes her big speech and turns to the side is a reference to the classic Miyazaki movie Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. In the spirit of this, we’re calling it Nakamuraä of the Yearning to Go Home.



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Time for episode 3, actually on-time this week!

This episode breaks form and adapts the last two chapters of volume 2 and the last 3 chapters of volume 3, with a little bit of volume 4. The skips were kind of necessary, given that if it was adapting 5-chapter chunks of the comic, Kitashiro would be introduced when the show’s over halfway through.

Just some notes before we go:

  • Jushowan’s extra hero is named “セロトル” (Serotoru), which we’ll romanize as “Celotol”. If you drop the extra L, it’s an anagram of “Ocelot”. Given that the Jushowan members have names based on cats, this makes sense.
  • The three words on the arrows that strike Yoshida are “年” (toshi), “年齢” (nenrei), and “齢” (yowai). All three of them mean “age”, and we’re told that there’s no real difference in nuance to speak of, so we just used three synonyms for age.
  • There’s a deeper pun to the Bee Boys’ name than what we put down in service of making it translation-note free. They’re an 8-member group, and as the show says it, “Eight” and “Bee” have the same pronunciation (hachi). Thankfully, “8” also looks like “B”, so there was a way around it.

Special thanks to bluemoon for helping translate and accommodating our busy schedules!


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Sadly, the words “Super ass” do not appear in the episode.

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Sorry about the delays, but if you’ve been following Big Nova for any amount of time, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

This episode more or less adapts chapters 5 through 9 of the comic, with the bulk of adaptation being chapters 5, 6, and 9, but it also adapts a section from way ahead in chapter 17. It appears the next episode is going to cover the back half of volume 2, going into volume 3.

And just a few TL notes before we go:

  • Kano’s mother speaks with a Kansai accent, possibly even an Osaka one, of which I’m told is similar in scope to a Boston accent. We localized it with more contractions and “ya” instead of “you” (not as bad as Changerion episode 34, though, so don’t worry)
  • Some details about the fake series Yoshida mentions, “南十字軍サザンクラウザー” (Minami Jūjigun Sazan Kurauzā):
    • “Minami Jūji” is the Southern Cross constellation, also known as “Crux” or “Crucis”, and “Jūjigun” is the Crusaders.
    • Instead of making an obtuse pun like “Cruxaders”, we’re going with “Crucis Force”.
    • Technically it should be romanized as “Southern Krauzer”, but since it’s the “Southern Cross”, we’re going with “Southern Crosser”.
    • There, was all that explanation worth it for something that appears for 2 seconds?
  • Charahiko’s little “upholstery” thing is real-time word association on his part, going from “naisho” (secret) to “nai” (“upholstery” or “interiors”) and “naikaku ri daijin”. We tried to localize it with some further word association, but if it falls flat, you know why.

And clarifying for a TL blunder from last time: “Damian” is how the kana onscreen are commonly romanized, but none of us noticed that it’s a joke about The Omen, with a kid whose name is “Damien”. We’ll fix it for the V2 of episode 1 and any future episodes.


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Well this is two firsts for Big Nova: The first show we’ve done that’s less than 20 years old, and our first weekly project!

This is a tokusatsu-adjacent J-Drama in the ilk of After V, Kamen Teacher, and Blue Blazes. Much like the latter two, it’s adapted from a manga and like all of them, it airs at a late-night timeslot. The show is absolutely enjoyable by non-toku fans, but if you are one, then it gets a whole lot better.

We’re doing this as a collaboration with Lovegen Subs, known for their tokusatsu-adjacent dramas like Sh15uya.

We’re shooting to release these episodes the Monday after they air, so check back next week for the next episode!

A couple of TL notes before we go:

  • Jushowan’s full title is 獅風怒闘ジュウショウワン (Shippū Dotō Juushouwan). The “Shippū Dotō” is a really obtuse pun on 疾風怒濤, the Japanese name for the German term “Sturm und drang” (“Storm and Stress” or “Storm and Drive”). Since it incorporates a kanji for “lion” in the pun, we’re going with “Bestial Storm”.
  • The character called “Ninkyō-san” will be called “Mr. Yakuza”. “Ninkyō” is a nice way to refer to the yakuza, sort of a way of saying it without saying it. The shop he runs is implied to be a front for the yakuza too. The scanlations of the manga that are out there used this too.
  • “Charahiko” is a play on “Charao”, sort of a name for a frat-kid. But the “o” (man) is replaced with “hiko” (boy). He’s a very minor character in the comic, so we’re just ignoring it.

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61 days. That’s what it took from pitch to finished product to get Machineman done. I’m so happy to see this complete, and I’m sure fans of the show are too. In addition, This release is being put out on the 35th anniversary of Machineman itself!

The second half of Machineman introduces a new villain group: Octopus, led by Professor K’s niece, Lady M, and her bumbling sidekick Ton Chin Kan, whose name literally means “absurd” or “ridiculous”. Given that Kameta exists, it seems weird to add another character to serve as a vehicle for slapstick, but at least he has some agency in the story. Their tactics are a little different than Tentacle. Lady M calls in a lot more favors from bad guy friends, but she still gets assistance from K later on. Of the 14 episodes where Octopus is the sole villain, only 6 of them feature android monsters.

Sadly, the last episode is a clipshow. There’s no new stuff in it, so it’s entirely ignorable.

Some highlights: Episode 28 is one of my top 3 episodes of the show (8 and 21 being the other two, in no particular order). Sugimura really hit a home-run with the writing on it, and I might be mistaken, but there’s a particular shot that references The Graduate.

I was facing a bit of slowdown, so I had to call in a backup timer, Nemet. He was more than happy to do it, and I have a few words from him about his impressions on the show:

“When Tokugami asked if I’d help out with timing Machineman, I said yes right away. I knew nothing of the show beforehand, but I was eager to help. What I didn’t expect was that I’d find a show whose charm would have me hooked even before I could undertsand it. The good guy being a fairly normal looking man with glasses, Masaru always sounding like a loud-mouthed brat, the voice of the incomparable Machiko Soga as Ball Boy, and the antics with the villains and their schemes all added to the charm of this show for me, and made it a really satisfying show to watch. It’s got it’s goofy moments, it’s got some genuinely creepy moments, but most of all it made me laugh and smile, and that’s why I love these shows. I hope you find what I found in this absolute gem of a series.”

And of course, I have some additional words from the translator, BluePhlash:

“I didn’t know what to expect from this project, but I really enjoyed it! Machineman is a fun show that should definitely be given a chance. I probably wouldn’t have, honestly, but I’m happy I did. I want to thank you, the fans! Your cheering us on is what keeps me going making these subs. I also want to thank Tokugami for taking a shot in the dark and asking if I wanted to collaborate on this project. This project wouldn’t have happened without him. Well-well-well-well! Enjoy the show!”

You can read more of his thoughts at the Metallic Fansubs website.

And a big thanks to everyone who watched from me. I’m so glad people can now easily experience this real forgotten gem of a show. If you haven’t heard about it, give it a shot.

Download the episodes at the Releases Page!


Seiun Kamen Machineman - 01 [96606BBC]_001_16342

Well, time to make the Brazilian and Filipino toku fandoms explode with joy.

Yes indeed! We’re starting a new project: 1984’s NEBULA MASK MACHINEMAN!

If you’re familiar with Bycrosser, this is a similar show from the previous year. It had a similar low budget, action by JAC, mechanical designs by Katsushi Murakami (below), a Kamen Rider alumnus in the role of main villain, and Shotaro Ishinomori credited as creator. If I were to choose three key influences it draws from, they would be Kamen Rider, Superman, and Zorro. The influence of Superman runs deep, to the point where lead actor Osamu Sakuta said in an interview: “I went in with an awareness of Clark Kent from Superman“.


I’ve wanted to sub this show ever since I learned how to make subtitles. For the longest time however, all I could find was the Portuguese dub. And when I came across DVD ISOs with the Japanese audio, there was an issue that would crash the DVD when you tried to play the episode! So eventually, I bought the second DVD volume in order to rip, with intent to buy the first and third volumes later on. However, back in February, GuSTaVauM burst out of the blue having completely ripped the show!

I also said that I wouldn’t try to do it without either a professional translator or captions from Toei Channel. However, Toei Channel hasn’t aired this show since 2014, and even then, without captions. But then, I got on a sudden kick to watch the show and was recommended to get in touch with Metallic Fansubs, the fantastic group that appeared out of nowhere back in June and completely subbed Spielban AND Metalder in the space of about 5 months! I got in touch, and now we’re doing a joint release!

We’re planning to do 2 releases of 18 episodes: basically splitting the show in half along the two villain arcs.

I’m not dropping Kyodyne, just taking a break. Think of this as a simultaneous project, like Strada 5 was.

UPDATE: Episode 4 was muxed with a pre-revision script, leading to incomplete subtitles. If you have a file with CRC E95866C7, please either download the revised file from MEGA or apply the patch here. Either way, the correct episode 4 file should have CRC 1406B932.

Translation: Bluephlash

Timing/Typesetting/Editing: Tokugami

Download the episodes at the Releases Page!