Choukou Senshi Changerion 01-39 Full Series Batch

Continuing with the tradition of waiting 2 months to release a batch torrent when it could have been done earlier, is the V1 batch for Changerion! There’s nothing new here, just the original releases all put in one place. If you haven’t gotten it yet, download it at the Releases Page! Speaking of downloads, though: […]

Dengeki!! Strada 5 Full Series Batch

I was contemplating releasing episodes 11-13 on its own and releasing a batch later, but since Strada 5 is such a short series, I figured I would just put out a torrent of the whole thing. As I said a few months back when I started this, Strada 5 is a huge passion project of […]

Choukou Senshi Changerion Episodes 27-30

Back to Changerion! The translator’s back home now, so we’re working hard to get this done! Episode 27 features the return of Akemi, played by Hayashi Mie. She originally left the show in episode 14 because she wanted to keep focusing on her high school studies. She has a few more appearances after this, but […]

Dengeki!! Strada 5 Episodes 9-10

Wow, I wonder who sponsored this show. Back to Strada 5 again. Two really good episodes this time too. In Episode 9, an old friend of Andromeda’s returns to Japan, but something’s off about him. Find out in the episode! Bonus fun fact: George is played by Okazaki Jiro, who played ASUKAAAAA in episode 1 […]

Choukou Senshi Changerion Episodes 25-26

The Changerion Train’s back on track, baby! One filler and one plot this time. Episode 25 is kind of a standard goofy detective drama with superhero antics in it. I remember hearing someone remark that Changerion has very kissable lips. Yeah, uh… Episode 26 is a plot episode (Basically any episode with Kuroiwa is a […]

Dengeki!! Strada 5 Episodes 7 and 8

Sorry about the big delays! The Changerion translator is still SUPER busy, but I’m making progress! In the meantime, here’s some more Strada 5! Episode 7 is another pretty serious one. It’s also written by the guy who wrote most of Bycrosser, Takaku Susumu! He also wrote episodes 4, 10, and 12 of this show. […]