Choukou Senshi Changerion Episodes 1 and 2

Let’s get this ball rolling with Big Nova Subs’ main release this year: Toei’s Choukou Senshi Changerion! Some background on this show: This was Toei’s first non-franchise Tokusatsu series since Bycrosser, 11 years prior. Interestingly, the show was co-produced by Sega Enterprises, of all companies. Sega had worked with Toei to make Amemiya Keita’s Mechanical […]

Kyoudai Ken Bycrosser 01-34V1 Batch Torrent

I honestly should have put this out back in October. This batch includes all 34 episodes and the commercials collection. There are no changes from the individual releases. A V2 batch is on the backburner for now, with the work on Changerion and Strada 5 progressing slowly. Either way, head over to the Releases Page […]

Kyoudai Ken Bycrosser Episodes 28-29

This time, we’ve got two episodes directed by Shohei Tojo, who directed several episodes of every Sentai series from Sun Vulcan to Ohranger. Episode 28 kicks off the final arc of the show, where Destar puts their plans for world domination on hold, and just focuses on defeating the Bycrossers. This episode is also written […]

Kyoudai Ken Bycrosser Episodes 26-27

Oddly enough, the whole “Villain gets wings, only to be tormented by a talking crow, and then have an identity crisis” plot was actually used in an episode of Machineman also written by Sugimura. No kidding. …And we’re back! Sorry about a 3-month gap, only to give you two episodes. College kind of eats time. […]

X-Rider: An Update

So it looks like the X-Rider curse might be lifted soon. Kilo of Midnight Crew Subs and their anonymous friends have formed a new group called The Masked Subbers whose express purpose is to finish Kamen Rider X. I have given them the green light on using the title effects that I made back in 2014. They’re […]